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All about your New Player Marshal

Mahtias Crestborn

The man behind the New Player NPC, Doctor Jeckal.

Also plays his personal characters Doc Beard and Noisy Crow.

Here at Dystopia Rising: Virgina we have a designated marshal here to help take care of you. His name is Mahtias Crestborn, and he plays his own personal characters named Doc Beard and Noisy Crow. He’s here to help you get started with your new adventures into the Dystopia Rising LARP.

You’ll find him during Check-in of most DRVA events where he will help you create your characters, check your weapons to be combat safe, inspect your costuming and get you your New Player gear!

All New Players who are starting with a weapon skill will receive a “Starter Weapon”. On top of this you will also receive “Starter Armor” that is purely based on the out-of-game materials your armor is made from, how genre it is, and how much of your body it covers. Maht’s here to help make sure getting all of your starting gear goes super smooth!

Maht’s personal character, Noisy Crow

Maht’s personal character, Noisy Crow

On top of all this, he plays a reoccurring NPC by the name of Doctor Jeckel. On an out of game level this is to give your character jobs to complete for rewards to help you get started, as well as giving you your own personal plots to get yourselves involved in the game. We want to make sure the experience of meeting new people goes as smooth as possible for you. On an in game level, Doctor Jeckel is the leader of a local TV faction that takes it upon themselves to take care of all the Pilgrims (new players) who are joining Eden for the first time.

Every Friday night Maht will first handle all the New Player duties. Your local Coordination Director, Cheryl Wroblewski, will get your character into the database and give you your first character sheet. After all of this, Maht will take you to Monster OPs where you will get a new player orientation. Right afterwords he will take you into game to get you introduced to the environment. There are more New Player adventures that happen throughout the event as well!

If you have any questions as a new player between the events you’ll send an e-mail to DRVACoord@gmail.com or DRVAStoryTelling@gmail.com

But, if you have any questions during an event Maht will be there to help you out! The Marshals of DRVA are also a great choice should you have any questions. If there are any larger questions or concerns regarding anything happening at the event, your Directors are also there and ready to help you with anything you need!