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Year 3. Eden.


Who would have thought we’d of come this far, it’s been a wild ride that’s for sure.

Each year we take our main plots we used for the year and shelve them for Personal Plot Requests and future backgrounds for alternate characters in the next year. So you’ll be seeing a few of those pop up in the next few weeks. The plots you’ve been involved in don’t disappear but you won’t see them as the focus point of coming events, but you’ll see them appear here and there to surprise you and to remind you that there is a great big world out there.


Currently in game, Eden has turned in to a wasteland and the local council has decided to move the people that are left in Eden to the edge of the disaster . We’ll be filling in what happens with that this week as we lead up to the next event. I’m excited that the players took the agency to decided to move or react to the situation they are in and that makes us excited as Game Runners. We love that.

But focusing on the up coming year we are introducing the Infection Engine controlled by the Houdini Family and the Sandmen are two groups we’ve released early and will have short write ups that will expand as you counter them. We will be releasing a few others as the months go by so you can have a preview of what you will be experiencing this year.


Going forward we took some feedback on how we had done some check in skills in the past few events.

We’ve been moving Income, trade ties and now Animal handling to adventures. We do plan on keeping this up and turning all the check in skills in to adventures. The future of 3.0 is turning a lot of things from collecting rectangles which is slang for being handed items or cash, in to providing more plot and things to do then showing up and getting rectangles for these skills.

The example I’ve been offering to players was about trade ties. If we wanted to in the past put out a trade tie for 10 uncommon herb, we’d write it down on a card and that was the end of it. Now we’d have a letter saying there is a local farmer that has a farm down by the river that every month zeds wash up and try and destroy him and his family so he’s looking for a few people to clear them out each month and they’ll pay them 10 uncommon herbs for the help.

Same things, but one is more fun.

So we’re going to try and codify them as check in skills where there will be a sheet at check in with a time and location so you can know where to go for all them!

That being said that’s really our main focus in the next few months and I hope you have a good year at DRVA