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Voodoo Daddies


Those who fail their tests to join the seasons, or fail their entrance to any faith often find themselves shamed by their friends or family or even feel a deep shame instead themselves existing in a world of faith and them being failures.Those who become overwhelmed with these feelings often run away from home with minimal supplies and very little plans. In the Eden area that usually means being in the woods and that is not a place you want to be alone in.

Players who wish to play a character that comes from this cult have these requirements


  • A Faith they failed to enter (Can be any faith or local cult)

  • Feeling Guilty they abandoned their Families

  • Seeking redemption, not just with faiths, but with family  


Your Character can choose from one of these two Arch-Types


Failed to get in: Runt of the Liter


Your character didn’t make the cut in to the cult, you were found and recruited by the Voodoo Daddies. However you could handle the needed lessons both physical and mental they tried to instil in you. After one particular physical training they left you for dead abandoned in the woods, you made it to town with nothing.


  • Face Paint of a Voodoo Daddy

  • Missing a Tongue that can be healed

  • Has a double dose of abandonment

  • Starts with no Religion (Even if they are a priest/NOA/Remnant)


Escaped the Cult: Seeking Redemption with Scars


You realized your mistake and made a run for it. You didn’t make it very far but there was hope as you’ve overcome your previous abandonment. The Voodoo Daddies didn’t stick around to see if you crawled out of the ground. They will never stop hunting you.


  • Starts with one less infection (Full Dead Need not apply)

  • Face Paint of a Voodoo Daddy

  • Missing a Tongue that can be healed

  • Voodoo Daddies if they notice you will try their best to kill you (They have Killing Blows on your character)

  • Encouraged to Start with Lore: Seasons, but not required