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There is no such thing as a fair deal, if a crooked one will serve you better. There is no such thing as going back for someone who fell behind, unless they might pay a handsome reward (or be worth a hefty ransom). There is no point in telling the truth, unless it pays better than a lie. These are truths every Vegasian learns, and even those that don’t follow the criminal ways of their brethren have a hard time being anything but ruthlessly pragmatic when it comes to personal interest. Clothes are oriented towards traveling in the desert, so flowing cloth and turbans are common. The traditional fabrics of the Vegasians include suede, polyester, and garish colors that only a lounge lizard would love. Ostentatious, classless and tacky displays of wealth are common among those Vegasians who can afford them; those who can’t wear cheap forgeries and knock-offs all the same.

hauld VEGASIAN.jpg