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The Redeemed Poltergeist  

“We are all connected by one means or another, it’s our energy. We take this connection we have found and we open it like a book. Use your experience - this energy, like a library.”



In this world we have lived separately for too long, and our time has come to realize the greater truth. We are all connected by the energy of the New World, and we all have the means to harness this knowledge and move forward to the New World. Have you never wondered what it meant to be whole, truly whole?



Once there was a Temple that belonged to the Sainthood just South of Eden. There reigned a High Priestess who looked over her people and educated them properly so that they may go forth and change the world. Even in her ripe old age, she had never been to the Gravemind. When her time finally came, she entered the Gravemind under the guise as an equal - and opened it like a book. For months she remained there, her followers were mourning her loss because they thought she would not return. Instead she stayed, using the Gravemind as her own personal library and discovering all of the hidden knowledges she possibly could.

The day came when the High Priestess returned, emerging from the morgue with books she had hand-written during her stay. The people rejoiced, but that was quickly changed when they discovered she had lost her faith in the Sainthood. Instead, she found herself baptized into a new religion that she found and named herself called the Redeemed Poltergeist.

In her new preaching she explained the connection of psionic energy to the people and how Priests and Psions were one in the same. That, since this power resided dormant in us all to unlock, we all connected in a spiritual level. These psionic energies leave stamps across the wastes, marks of you being here. Ones that you may not see, but exist. When the Old World fell and the Gravemind created a new world for us, it gave us all the means to stand as a rightful society together. One with a new greater power, and even greater purpose. Every religion that branched from this New World has the right idea and therefore must be blended together with the knowledge now found to create a world worth living in.

Many followers kept their faith in the Sainthood and left the temple that was now dedicated to the new religion. Those who stayed began the new testimonies of their faith into the Redeemed Poltergeist. Now, they are spreading their knowledge in hopes to change the world.



The members of the faith do not believe any tenets in other religions to be wrong. Even the ones that contradict themselves have some truths to them, they just believe it must be discovered. There is only one true Higher Power in this New World, and that is us, collectively.


We are all that is left.


They  refuse to use their faith for means of saving someone from battle, but instead by permantanly marking an area with a good moment. For instance, if a Mother has just found their child for the first time after them being missing, a Priest of The Redeemed Poltergeist will use their faith to press as much psionic energy into the scene as possible so that the good may mark this earth forever. To use of the powers of their faith during a battle is blasphemous, as it will only imprint death and destruction to our New World.


Ceremonies are held by morgues when a member of the faith dies. Fellow members will burn candles, pray and read passages of their favorite books to encourage those still inside to do as the High Priestess did and use the Gravemind as a library.


Temples are covered in holy relics of all Faiths with many books acquired through their travels. Journals are considered Holy Objects, as they signify the pieces of the persons psionic energies in physical form.


Members of the faith who aren’t even psions will find themselves carrying psionic crystals, hoping it will increase their psionic imprint on the world.


Guiding Tenets

Dwell not on the Old World for all that is left is the New World. We must adapt.


The questioning of our faith is a matter of debate, and we are here to educate. Negative opinions of others are simply misunderstood and we must pray for them.


Knowledge is power.


Every tenet of the other faiths piece together in some way to reveal the greater picture, and we will spend our lives discovering it.


The Gravemind is a library, use it as such.


The connection of people is sacred and marks the world with a permanent energy. Never leave a negative energy to taint the New World.


Religious Symbols

Books, journals, research notes, libraries, morgues, psionic resonance chambers, psionic crystals. Old World Religious Objects are considered garbage because we must not dwell on the Old World.



The High Priest/Priestess: The most esteemed and educated of the Faith. This leader is both a Psion and a Priest, finding inner peace and showing no signs of anger or spite toward the world, not matter what. Their job is to encourage the peace of the world as well as the education of their followers and anyone interested in learning.

The Redeemed: Members of the faith who are both Priests and Psions. As their psionic energy is the strongest of the group, it is their job to travel the wastes as much as possible. They wish to leave the biggest psionic mark on the world, one that is of peace and education. The more lives they touch in their travels, the more content they are.

The Transcended: Members of the faith who are psionic in nature. Be it they were born this way, or made this way, they have discovered the true power their bodies are capable of and carry the mark of the New World with them wherever they go. It is their job to use their psionics as much as possible in positive manors to strengthen the energy in others, especially those who are not psions. “Go forth and mark the world.”

The Holy: Members of the faith who are not psionic in nature, but Priestly. These members were not born and have not come to the means yet to become a psion. Instead they have honed the average amount of energy each person is born with and use it to the best of their capabilities.

The Members: All members of the faith who are neither psionic or priestly in nature. Is is their duty to educate themselves as fully as they possibly can. Anyone can be considered a follower of their faith, even without the baptism. But the baptism, the spread of that psionic energy to stamp the moment of your life changing for the better is a high honor that all Members wish to seek.


Subsects of the Fatih


The Students

Students live their life as such, learning. They never feel content with the knowledge that they have, knowing fully that there is always more out there. Constantly they will inquire conversations with other faiths and professions to learn as much as they can and continue to piece together this giant puzzle of the New World.


The Teachers

Although The Teachers realize they have not learned everything, they find that they are well versed in a few subjects in particular. To help the other members of their faith they have chosen to stop their quest for knowledge and use their extensive knowledge in their field to properly train other students of the subject. While some view this as a burden, most find it to be a high honor.


The Knowledge

The living embodiment of content. The Knowledge have pieced together their understanding of the New World, and they know what it means to live in peace and harmony. They use their psionic presence to staple their experiences, and educate all that they can. When one becomes a Knowledge member for the first time, they take a one month vow of silence to allow themselves to find true peace within their energy and hone their power. Afterwards, they spread the knowledge they have learned to the Students, motivate the Teachers to continue their education and write in their journals often. The journal of a Knowledge is considered sacred material that may only be read by the High Priest/Priestess. Should such a fate of a permanent death fall to a Knowledge with no reining High Priest/Priestess, the journal must be burned. Lessons  are not learned properly if they are not learned organically.


The Sword

Members of The Sword are considered heretical by most of their faith members, but a necessary evil. These members believe in the education and the imprinting of the good world, but understand that taking vows of peace does not keep survivors alive. These members are a slew of normal people, psions and priests alike who have taken a vow of protecting the other members of their faith. Their constant mark of negative energy on this world due to fighting is repented by constant good acts. Swords often give away most of their materials to people in need and offer their hand to anyone needing their help. Members of the Sword who are psionic or priestly in nature are considered to be significantly more heretical than the others, as their psionic energy is stronger they should be focusing on the good work- not the bloody.