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 You’ve gone to far

There’s no coming back

One more step

Third Clue.jpg

And you’ll be the enemy

You’ll Join us

But you can’t help yourself

Can you?

I wish I knew you

You could have helped me

You can save me now

Fight your way out

There is always another way

The Heart Can save us

It pushes back the darkness

Like a curtain

But everytime I look past it

I grow desperate

I claw

I bite

I slide back

I stumble and fall

Night has darkened my eyes

You fill them with rage

You will them with sadness

You feelings I can’t fight

Remember me

because I do not

This is opt in, you do not have to fill this out
You feel cold inside, you can hear your friends, they say fight or perish, they lie to you, they all lie to you, make them stop
You will start the game with a fracture