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Atom First Step.jpg

Also remember Atom is the First Step, but not to worry it’s only your sanity

Can you follow the string all the way to the center?

Really, who can you count on if not Atom?

Not your self, Not your Friends.

Not your Gear, Not your Brews

Not Anyone.

Not Anymore.

I mean, at the end of the day could you ever?

All your friends are murderer’s

You’ve Seen them, Haven’t you?

Just stood there and Killed something alive?

I’m Sure they did so Casually?

Did they walk away after?

Did you laugh about it?

Did you search the bodies for scrap?

Did you even hesitate before chopping their weapon?

Start looking for a way in

The key is at the heart or at the start nothing is the same

but mirrors will do that, they’re not reflections you know

they are another you that made different choices, and ended up somewhere different

they press upon the glass to keep you out

to keep you safe

Maybe it doesn’t make sense now

But it will…