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Pure Blood characters must dress in an eccentric high style that suggests a rich lineage – business suits, formal wear, steampunk attire, or other expensive looking clothes are de rigeur for the ruling elite of the apocalypse. They shun monochromatic outfits, favoring plenty of color to catch the eye, and eccentric uses of makeup and oversized jewelry also allow these peacocks to attract the attention and respect they feel is their natural right. Above all, there is the family – whether the character is a favored son or on the run, a Pure Blood’s lineage is never far from his thoughts. Even those that distance themselves from their family often take a perverse degree of pride in their roots; for better or worse, their family has made them what they are today. Indeed, a degree of greed, pride in your family name, as well as a natural insight into networking are all encouraged for each Pure Blood.

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