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Prologue: January 2017

By chance or by Design, during the Month your Character one way or another has caught snippets of conversation, it might have been from an Outer Guard tossing back a few drinks at the four Horsemen. It might been passing new Pilgrims coming to town to seek answers to questions of their beliefs. It even could have been will quickly walking down the dark and damp side streets of eden where anything is for sale as long as you can afford to pay it and these deals are rarely for money.

However it happened, you've managed to draw toegether a few facts.

Scare eyes.jpg

Priests have been disappearing So far no Priest that has gone to the Grave-mind has returned and it has been alarming the locals of Eden,

It has been theorized that modifications to the local Grave-mind is affecting the minds of Priests in the Area. However those who say that argue from dawn to dusk that it's this or that or even a new development of the Hunger, don't believe to much of what they're saying no one of any authority has weighted in around the city.

However what you do know that is very alarming, far reaching scouts of the Soft Foot Tribe have returned and reported several large forces of Nephilim's have been seen disrupting trade from all directions surrounding Eden. While they are some time out there is no mistaking the path they are blazing toward the city,

Nephilim of Various faiths have been Sighted moving towards the town and gathering Fists a term commonly used to describe large groupings of their faith. These groups are mainly in Remnants and they show no signs of stopping.

Preparations are under way as we speak and sound be ready when those around town reconvene for the Vote.

Something Deep inside of Eden has been Activated, a Sound never heard before can be listed to from any crack in the ground, be it a Mine, Cave or Fissure. Many Kings Court have listened and to each it sounds different but afterwards they each explained it a different way to those nearby and each time they reach the same conclusion.

The Beat Goes on....

Eventually enough Remnants do add up to a whole, a whole lot of blood. Those in thrall to these Nephilim's have been sent ahead to smash Edens Defenses in preparation of the main assault. They have begun to overwhelm the defenses erected around the city and are slowly driving a wedge through the surrounding Natural Ones and the Outer Guard. It is painfully obvious that soon they will have surrounded the Temples and main area of Eden. While inner defenses are being built they will not be built to last under a siege. With the occasional Tank or the rarer but more terrofying Goliaths roaming the wastes it is only a matter of time before there are more holes that can be filled then bodies. 




It seems there has been progress on a way to discover these creatures. However the process and those who are working on it have been attacked several times and are finally bringing what they have worked on so far to Eden to have brighter minds puzzle out a way to weaponize these discoveries.

Unfortunately the process is quiet involved and very painful so they are not optimistic that it'll work for everyone.