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Event Overview

Updated Information for The October 19th-21st weekend. A place where you can find all the information, as we break the information on Facebook, we’ll be keeping it here so it doesn’t get lost.

We are going to be hosting the game at the same camp we are always at, Westview on the James but on the other side closer to the river and the giant pavilion.


Sleeping Areas


We have two buildings, both has kitchens, bathrooms, showers and sleeping areas. We have a first come first serve on it. We will be saving a few beds for medical. We have space for about 40 Beds and about 30 people squeezing in to places for the weekend. I would try and plan to bring a tent.


Anyone who brings a Tent will Receive 30AP, anyone sleeping in a tent receives 10 AP! If you are bringing a solo tent for yourself, it’s 30AP.

Medical Sleeping:

If your medical issue requires you to need a quiet sleeping space (Zed Free), some sort of bathroom or shower access, or electric power requirement.

All sleeping spaces is a zed free zone, we have plenty of extension cords and the bathrooms and showers are with in 50ft of tent sleeping.

Then sleeping space is first come first serve this weekend, as all of that is accessible within a few feet of where the tents are.

If there is something you need past that, then we will reserve a bed.



We’re also going to offer a special thing we haven’t done before and probably won’t do again.


PRE-REG Ends: October 14ths at Midnight.


I want to do Extra NPCIng!

Hey you, Yes you!

Maybe you can’t Pre-Reg in time and you’re still looking to pick up a few extra AP!

We will be offering double AP for every hour you STAY past your NPC shift or Come in EARLY before your shift.

We’re going to be staging areas that players will be going through that are infested with Zeds or obstacles and having Groups that learn the mechanics and not having to swap them as often would make the stress of as many moving parts easier for us.

So if this is your jam let your OPS marshal know when you arrive.