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The world ended a long time ago. 

At least, the world we currently know ended a long time ago.  Somewhere at least four generations ago humanity was lost to the end of times.  A plague of the living dead scourge came up from the ground, the living quickly fell and joined the ranks of the enemy, and society as we know it was purged from the planet. 

While this blood born fungal infection caused the dead to rise countries attempted to slow the rampant spread of the infection.  Weapons were erupted on both the ground and in the air to knock out means of mass transportation, to prevent the pre-fall aircraft and ships from carrying the plague carrying infection hosts to places not yet touched, and humanity declared war on itself with the hopes of culling the plague before it could go any further. 

Humanity failed. 

As humanity acted in desperation to eliminate the threat the blood born fungal infection mutated, changed, and adapted to the weapons that were thrown at it.  The plague began to adapt the bodies of humanity into different forms of undead hunters.  As the plague spread, the reaction that humanity had to the infection changed. 

Humanity is long gone. 

We are the strains of life. 

Generations after the world has fallen, after modern civilization was lost, the mutated strains of humanity rose in the wake of what was the greatest civilization of mankind.  As the irradiated winds blew and the undead threats of the land continued to hunt, the living became mockeries of what life used to be.  While the bodies became stronger, able to shrug off all but the most grievous wounds, the flesh grew to be a new host for the parasitic entity known commonly as 'The Infection'.  

Inside every survivor strain is the roots of the Infection.  From the barely sentient Full dead to the hearty Red Star each and every strain carries within them the truth that eventually all of the strains of life will fall to the grave mind.  All of the strains of life will join the undead legions.  Everything can, and does, still get worse. 

We are a part of this World, those who Travel to our area of this desolate wasteland will find themselves in a town called Eden.

The Holy Mecca, All Saints Hollow, The Center of the Seasons, The Hidden Entrance of Hell, The Religious Heart of this World, where dreams come true (whether you want them to or not). The place where the Spiritual world touches our own, and where the barriers of this world and that of our Beliefs are thinner then what is safe. Where anyone could be a Saint or a Sinner. Where everyone can be both or something more. Nothing is what is seems and everything is for sale, buyer beware.

Some say the ground glows green at night, the Signal flows so thick in the air you can taste it, the Rock is so loud your ears bleed, and men and women are what you pay them to be. You can find anything if you look hard enough and if you’re lucky you might even find what you are looking for.

We are bringing to life a Town Called Eden, this worlds Convergence of Religion

Our game hopes to showcase how the Religions in the Dystopia Rising World interact with each other, a place where players can delve deeper into their chosen Religion. A place where they can impact and influence Religious groups, and maybe even the ramifications of helping one or slaughter another in the name of their cause can have worldwide ripple effect of how people view those followers in other branches.