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Dreaming Eyes of the Signal

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The Dreaming Eyes of The Signal


“Hey, are you a Dreamer? I haven’t seen too many around. Things have been tough lately for Dreamers. They say Dreaming is dead, no one does it anymore. It’s not dead, it’s just that it has been forgotten, people forget that they’re doing it. Nobody teaches that, so nobody knows the Dream exists. Well, I’m trying to change all that, and I hope you are too. By Dreaming, on purpose, every day. Dreaming with our hands and Dreaming with our minds. Don’t ever get bored, this is absolutely the most exciting time we could have possibly hoped to be alive. This Dream belongs to us.”



Through relentless self-reflection and observation of the immediate experience the Eyes expand their minds and learn to balance every-day engagement with dissolution of the self.  With detached attachment these imaginative activists apply their will and wisdom to create the world they want to see.



The roots of the faith are as old as the questions about our purpose, why we’re here, and what it means to exist. Philosophers, monks, and scholars have long looked at the particulars of the experience of being, and what conclusions they can draw from it directly to reconcile the subtle unity they feel with our apparent separateness. This growing religion first appeared in the holy land of Eden.



The only thing we tell for certain is that we are immersed in an emergent experience in the present moment. Our minds separate this stream of experience coming across the bridge of our bodies into specific sensations, thoughts, and feelings including the sense that there’s an “I” to which these experiences are happening. This layer of interpretive processing that our minds perform so that we can understand our experience is what we call “the Dream”.


People go their whole lives fighting to prove that the Dream is reality itself. They become attached to the idea that there’s actually past and a future, an up and a down, a good and a bad, and that these things exist separately from their environments, from us, and from each other. This attachment creates the illusion of permanence that they struggle to maintain against the ever-changing reality that blossoms in the eternal now.


We’re creating our reality with the lens of our perception; we can change our reality by changing our minds. The Eyes become unattached to our views and the outcomes of our actions because we know that reality is an interdependent relationship between observer and observed. There is no morality, time, or separateness at all except where we use our mind’s Eye to separate it from the Awe of the whole. As the Infection shapes our world according to the mental imprints within the Gravemind, our imaginations will reshape the world in a manner of our choosing.


You can’t wake up from the Dream, only to it. It is part of you because the whole Awe of the universe looks upon itself through the mirror of cosmic self-reflection that is your Dreaming mind’s Eye. You and every other perspective on existence are completely unique in infinity, and it is your purpose to be exactly who you are. Get attached, fall in love, hate your enemy, get involved, be yourself, but remember that you are the whole of existence dancing with itself.



Members of the faith form strong teacher / student relationships with each teacher, often a priest, guiding the students through mental exercises, physical challenges, and tests of commitment. A student’s discipline to act in accordance with their values, their obedience in engaging the lessons set before them, and their service to assist the group in its functioning are highly regarded as virtues by teachers of the faith.


All who haven’t proven that they see the Dream are referred to as Sleeping Dreamers. Those faithful who demonstrate their understanding of the nature of being and the Dream to their teachers ascend through ranks of Conscious, Awakened, and Lucid.


Guiding Tenets

Develop your body to enrich your connection to experience.


Reflect on your mind’s eye to see how you Dream your reality.


Mistake not the Dream for reality, challenge your attachment to what seems real.


Worship not the unity of Awe; engage the drama of your role in the Dream.


Shape your lens of perception to explore all variety of experiences.


Cultivate your ability to manifest your imagination.


Religious Symbols & Practices

The mark of the faith represents the whole Awe of existence using the Dream of separateness to fracture itself into an individual perspective as a way to self-reflect.


Rituals include symbolic tools of reflection like mirrors and pools. Resonant instruments like gongs, bells, and chimes are used as symbols of energetic harmony and reflection. Lenses and eyes are often used symbolically in speech or practice to represent the mind’s interpretive processing of experience and the perspectives of individuals.


The Eyes gather as a group to exercise, meditate, discuss philosophy, and connect with each other through games, singing or humming. These practices seek to teach participants about the drama of being, subjective morality, interdependence, the eternal now, non-attachment, and gratitude. Teachers guide students into alternative states of perception through the use of mind-altering substances, emotionally traumatic ordeals, and mentally stressful experiences. Guided meditations focused on imagination exercise the Eyes ability to solidify their vision for the world they want to create, and to challenge their concept of what is possible.


Members often greet others with a ritualized statement of, “I see you, dreamer” to which faithful will reply, “We Eyes see the dream.”