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Diesel Jocks are often adorned with weapons, armor, and equipment refitted from unfix-able components of their rides. They use broken drive shafts as weapons, sections of stripped metal as armor, and broken motor parts as jewelry. Diesel Jocks dress in more savage clothing than their civilized Rover cousins, wearing slapped together metal armor and leathers designed to protect and intimidate would be bandits or raiders. On the road the average Diesel Jock could be visually mistaken for a Raider at a glance. Diesel Jocks adorn themselves with banded line tattoos that cover their hands and forearms. Each ring represents a full ‘road rally’ completed around the wastelands- a multiple year trip that starts and ends in the same destination. These road rallies take years to complete. Diesel Jocks never bring their vehicles into settlements, instead keeping their rides hidden at least a day’s walk outside of town.

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