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Descendants of Savannah (DOS)

We have been lied to, for far too long. Have any of you Rotties heard disparaging remarks about our looks, and or been discriminated against? I have and I bet you have too.

Did you know we are descendants of the Darwins’ profit Savanah? No… I did not either until recently. Only then did I realized that we are what the Darwins strive to be. All that talk of evolution, we are at least a step above all Darwins that are not Retrograde. We survive the radiation they love to cuddle with far better than they do. We are evolution! We are what the Darwins want to be.

Savannah was the first Retrograde, if she is a profit of theirs and she was the first Retrograde, then we two are their profits, nay their Demi Gods!

I believe all Retrogrades should be worshiped for the great people and Gods they are. After all we are already one step closer to the glow than those pesky non-Retrograde Darwins.

They were keeping us down cause they suspected our risen stature. Let us come into the light of the glow. Let us embrace the glow. Don’t let any Darwin tell you, you are not perfect. Each rotting part is an indication of your superiority.

Flaunt it, love it, live it. Long have we lived in the dark, avoiding people seeing our faces, wearing masks to make those around us feel better. I say down with the masks. Retrogrades forever!

Tenants of Us:

  1. Any person in any religion can worship us. We are an equal opportunity acceptors of love and worship. What care we about who they follow. We all can work together to make a better wastes. We are not trying to replace any other religion, but coexist, and accept the adoration we are due.

  2. Darwins worship Darwin/The Glow/Savannah, we worship Us. We are descendants of Savannah so we are a sister religion.

  3. We bless people spreading our love around. (Using baby powder, and getting consent first we will leave a baby powder hand print on a blessed person)

  4. When we give out muffins we say, “The body of Reef has been given to you.” You may substitute “The body of (your name) has been given to you.”, if you are feeling froggy.

  5. Our peeling skin and pieces of our holy bodies are relics and giving a piece of us to another being is sacred and should be cherished.

  6. We will have a Rottie Alter located outside the tavern. It will be a box, with a glowing rod (non mechanical) pieces of us, and candles.

  7. Being Retrogrades we embody our godliness. WE are Demi Gods!

  8. We accept any form of worship, credit, AMD, Hugs, genuflection, bowing. All forms of love and worship are accepted. Lets love the Rot, lets love the Waste.