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Cult of the Deep


History: Commonly worshipped by Saltwise and sailing crews, as well as the occasional pirate crew, the Cult of the Deep sees the Sea and its inhabitants as a single cohesive unit to be respected and feared. Formed from stories and sea shanties passed down from Pre-Fall times and shaped by the words of their first priest, the Admiral, its tenants are commonly worshipped to grant safe passage when sailing, or a bountiful fishing harvest.

When the bombs fell, those close to the coast had two choices: travel inland, closer to certain death, or set sail as far away from the destruction as possible. Though they were not truly safe from the radiation that occurred, especially once they returned to shore, they found themselves to be mildly less affected by the radiation during their time at sea.

While scattered throughout the ocean at first, on return they united as one under the leadership of a man they called the Admiral. He made the point that it was the Sea that kept them as safe as they had been. Had the Sea not been kind enough to protect them, to guide them both away from the bombs and back to shore, they would not have been alive to tell the tale. He brought those who had enjoyed the Sea’s bounty together to learn from that which had saved them, to work alongside it for generations to come. He called these original ships that joined his following his “Fleet”, and welcomed any who would hear the word of the Sea’s power into the greater Fleet.

Outlook: The Sea gives, and the Sea takes away. All life came from the Sea, and it should be given the love and respect it deserves, for who knows what may lie beneath the icy black waves...

Hierarchy: As the Cult of the Deep is usually followed by sailors and pirates, the hierarchy tends to follow the hierarchy of the ship’s crew. The ship’s captain would therefore be the religious leader, and so on.


-The Sea knows more than you could ever possibly imagine. It has been here since the dawn of time, and will be here forever. Respect it and it will respect you.

-All life will return to the Sea one day. Give of yourself freely when it calls for you.

-Give tribute where it is needed, or the Sea will take what is due by force. The Sea gives and the Sea takes away of its own will.

-Beware the Siren’s Song, it tells only lies. The Sea is the only truth.

Holy symbols:

Pieces of sea glass, shells, bones of sea creatures, starfish. Pieces of scrap washed ashore. Anything given by the Sea.