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Riders of The Open Road (Cult of the 95)


Riders of The Open Road


Summary: Freedom is your ability to pick up and move whenever you want. When the world fell, it was The Open Road that lead people to safety. Those that tried to stay behind high walls soon found them to be their tombs. Cities became death traps. The Gods preserved their chosen by providing The Open Road and though all roads are sacred, it is The Great 95 that is the most important of them all. It's from The Great 95 that all roads spring forth like ribs from a spine, allowing the faithful to ride across the wastelands.


History: The Dead rose up, the bombs fell down, but the roads and highways endured. When the nations of the world finally decided to bomb their own people to stop The Dead, those that left the cities where spared. Those that took to the road where able to avoid the fallout and radiation that plagued the bombed out remnants of cities. The lucky among them were able to stay one step ahead of the hordes of dead that crawled out of those cities after the bombings stopped. Like the Nomads of the past, the survivors followed the paths before them and so Interstate 95 became the most important road to them. Those that followed it were led to the lands of salvage, led away from danger, and led to Salvation. The Great 95 was the will of the Gods made manifest. What better proof of The Divine was there?


Outlook: Personal Freedom is the most important tenet and so many followers of The Open Road are very self reliant. They would rather do things for themselves rather then become indebted to an outsider. However the Riders of the Open Road would do anything to help another Rider on their travels. After all, if something is so important that a Rider feels that he needs to ask for help, then it must be important.


Hierarchy: Those that Ride The Great 95 value Personal Freedom above all else and as such, they tend to not form into large groups. If a convoy gets too big, it becomes vulnerable to attack from outsiders as you can only move as fast as the slowest vehicle. The individual is able to make the best decisions for themselves. After all, a person is smart but people are dumb, panicky, and dangerous. However, if there is any authority it is from those that can fix things, be it physical, mental, or mechanical. They are generally referred to as a “Mechanic”. One Mechanic might oversee one or two small groups' devotees but there is no overall Mechanic to oversee all other Mechanics.





The Road provides and The Road tests us: As The Great 95 runs both North and South, so too does the will of the Gods run contrary, so do not expect an easy ride through life. The Road has forks, pot holes, obstructions as well as Rest Stops and Scenic Over Views. The Great 95 is the Will of the Gods made manifest. We do not need to know the name of the Gods, God or Goddess for they make themselves known along The Great 95. Nor do we need to guess at what the Gods want from us. If they wish to test us, they will. If they wish Humor and Entertainment they set obstacles in our way. If they wish to show benevolence, they will provide good scrap and a clear road. The Great 95 is both Mother and Father. The only constant the Gods provide for us is The Open Road and the Freedom that comes from it along with any consequences that come from your decisions.


Fuck with my ride, you are an enemy for life: It does not matter if your ride is four legged or four wheeled, ones ride is ones Freedom incarnate. Do not expect a Rider of the faith to turn the other cheek if this tenet is violated but rather to become the embodiment of Vengeance.


Your Caravan is Family. Only your Ride is more important: The Great 95 allows for your personal Freedom but we do not ride the path alone. You need a Pit Crew to help you when you can not do something on your own. They will help you and you should man their Pit Crew in return.


Always pay your Mechanic: Some religions have Priests to help their souls. Our Soul is here and now. We have Mechanics to watch over us. Some specialize in Blood. Some specialize in Iron. Both are important in keeping you moving. If you have nothing to trade, you owe them a Debt of Blood and should repay that Debt as soon as possible through deeds or goods. If a Rider can not pay a Mechanic and you have means, pay for them and keep the Debt of Blood within the Faith.


Ass, Cash, or Grass. No one rides for free: Dead weight causes Gas Guzzling and must be cast off in order to save us from an empty gas tank. Dead weight can come in the form of useless junk or useless people. Cast them off and be careful that you do not become dead weight yourself.


The Need for Speed: Personal Freedom at all cost and speed means Freedom of the soul. The question is not “When are you going to stop?” but “Who's going to try and stop you?” If you can not drive where you want, when you want, as the Gods intended, what is the point of life? It is better to die, trying to kill those that wish to enslave you then to ever live as a slave.


Religious symbol: The blue and red shield of The Great 95 shows ones dedication to The Open Road and announces to the world that they are Riders of The Open Road.