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Bay Walkers are typically calm and composed people, a byproduct of being terrified for most of their early lives. Most prefer getting involved with stable groups and clear organizations, and have little patience for loners or other antisocial types. Their clothing is typically practical and sturdy, favoring subdued shades like browns and blacks, along with many, many pockets and pouches to contain whatever Scrap and scavenge comes along. After all, it’s better to grab it now rather risk death coming back for it later. All Bay Walkers have small but noticeable tattoos related to their home on visible or easily revealed portions of their bodies, both to identify themselves to other natives of the Mass and occasionally as a warning for would-be highwaymen: “This is probably not one of your better ideas.”

Bay walker 1.jpg
BAy Walker23.jpg
BAy Walker23.jpg
Bay walker.jpg